• Cinch Gaming

    Hello everyone things are looking so nice for us right now i just wanted to make another anouncement. We are officially sponsored by CINCH GAMING use code C.G.L for a discount . Do you need something for you gaming experence like a new controller, custom…

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  • CGL

    CGL ( CRAZY GAMER LIFE ) was created by BEAST MODE for the next Gen consoles Microsoft ( Xboxone ) n playstation ( Ps4 ). To branch off into a complete diffrent community of gamers, With the same purpose him and BEAST WIFEY created FUHQ on Sony ( Ps3 ) to Build a online family, And it has been a

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  • FUHQ

    FUHQ ( Forever Unitied Head Quarters ) on PSN ( Playstation network ) is were it all began on Bo2. It started with two people BEAST MODE & BEAST WIFEY together they wanted to build a group that was different. They had a different mind set on the defintion of a clan, so they set out looking for 

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  • News Article

    Whats up everyone we are just as excited as all of you with the BO3 hype. We have played the Bo3 Beta and it was amazing we are totally looking forward to November 6th the release date for Bo3, instead of the Beta teaser they released for a week of multiplayer gameplay to try and…

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