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Sun 6th Sep 2015 - 1:32pm Gaming

 spot out the bugs, and flaws that the game, servers, ect. might have before they drop the actual full version of bo3. So if i do say so myself i believe it is a very awesome thing, for not only the gamers but for the company. We all know how Advanced warfare was when it 1st droped and came out to world wide there was glitches hacks within the game it sucked, not to mention they took forever to get the bugs out of the game. And still to this day they are having problems with the servers none stop it was a all around waste of time the hype was huge but the game did not turn out as great as we all expected. But the Bo3 hype is going through the roof its all you hear everyone talking about, and we truly believe it will bring some of the older COD (call of duty) players back into the newer generation of gaming. There are so many gamers still playing on Call of duty black ops and Call of duty black ops 2. So with the Bo3 comming out we are hoping to bring over more players back to the call of duty communinty. That is, new generation of gamers and older generation of gamers.




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