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individuals that did not want to be concidered a clan but more like a online family. Which we call Family outside of family, that also let us to our motto ( FAMILY IS FOREVER FAMILY ). Because we understand that everyone has a life outside of the game and we respect that an do not hold that to anyone who has ever joined FUHQ. we all talk to eachother with RESPECT, an develope bonds to one another which is what creates the LOYALTY that holds our group together, And even though most of us a spread out arcoss the world we have found away to give gamers great gamers to play with. Regardless if they are a pro players or a noob player we do not judge one another on our skill level. We teach and learn from each other and keep each other updated on new things coming out, Or different strategies and styles of playing. So everyone can learn and reach there full potential of there gaming experience. With all this said if you feel like a outsider or do not feel like you are being treated fairly, Or if you just want to try something different. Feel free to contact us or fill out a recruiting form, we are always happy to accept new members to our family.




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