TopicHow to Connect Canon Printer to iPhone

  • Fri 17th Jul 2020 - 8:57am

    Learn How to connect iPhone to printer? The details are here:-

    Canon is a global company dedicated to the manufacture of optical and photographic devices. Consumers are still drawn by high-quality printing to Canon printers. Due to the reliability and best results the Canon printers are picked. The details in the following article can be taken when an iPhone user needs to print a document through Canon print.

    AirPrint Compatible Computer Printing

    This article explains how users can use AirPrint when connected to the Canon printer for wireless prints from iPad, iPod or iPhone. AirPrint enables the user to print directly on a Canon printer without importing drivers from Apple's email , websites, documents and photographs.

    Environmental Check

    The first move is to control the environment of the user.

    Environment AirPrint Operation: The user will need one of the devices with the new iOS update to use AirPrint:

    iPad (along with models)

    iPod (third or later generation)

    (3 or later) ios ios

    Network Environment: Both Apple and Canon printer systems must have the same Wi-Fi network.

    AirPrint Printing

    A consumer can monitor the connection status and then start with printing to connect Canon to an iPhone:

    • Make certain to begin by activating and connecting the Canon Printer to the LAN.
    • The user has to press the application icon to find menu choices for the Apple app.
    • Click the Print button in the menu settings.
    • The user will pick the template used under Printer options.
  • Mon 20th Jul 2020 - 6:48am

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  • Sat 1st Aug 2020 - 2:55pm

    Make sure your wi-fi network is working well, and other devices are connected to it. Check for any connectivity restrictions; if set in your wi-fi router. Check for internet speed on other devices; a slow speed internet can create problems. at&t signal booster

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